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Life Cycle Events

Our dedicated Rabbi and staff are here to support congregants and community members through times of joy and sorrow.


Birth Ceremonies 

A Jewish baby naming ceremony, often called a "brit milah" for boys or a "brit bat" or "zeved habat" for girls, is a traditional ritual in Jewish culture to welcome a newborn into the community. For boys, it involves the circumcision (brit milah) on the eighth day after birth, followed by a celebratory meal. For girls, it typically includes a special naming ceremony during which blessings are recited, prayers are offered, and the baby is officially named. These ceremonies symbolize the child's entry into the covenant between God and the Jewish people and serve as a joyful occasion for family and friends to come together and celebrate new life. 

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Bnai Mitzvah

A B'nai Mitzvah is a coming-of-age ceremony in Judaism, typically occurring around the age of 12 or 13. For boys, it's called a Bar Mitzvah, and for girls, it's called a Bat Mitzvah. During this ceremony, the young person is recognized as an adult member of the Jewish community, responsible for their own actions and accountable for observing Jewish commandments (mitzvot). The ceremony often involves reading from the Torah, delivering a speech, and leading prayers in the synagogue. It's a significant milestone celebrated with family, friends, and the wider Jewish community.

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Celebrate the historic event of your union in our historic and stunning Little Shul!

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Temple Beth Sholom is here to help families in times of sadness, as well as in times of joy. Jewish tradition provides meaningful, time-tested guidelines for burial and comforting mourners. 

For more information or support please contact Rabbi Josh Weisman at and may their memory forever be a blessing. 



Honoring Jewish tradition, we never pressure prospective Jews-by-choice or seek them out from other religious institutions. However, our hearts and doors are open to everyone wishing to choose Judaism!

If you are interested in converting to Judaism or would like more information please contact Rabbi Josh Weisman at

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