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Join TBS for summer fun with enriching themes!  Campers will have a blast while building character, making lasting friendships, and immersing in Jewish values.

Program Hours: We will operate from 9 am-4 pm every day.

Camps and Pricing Below, or follow this link for details and registration: SUMMER CAMP INFO AND REGISTRATION FORM

Environmental Guardians (June 17th-21st, $260-4 days): Join us for a week dedicated to becoming Environmental Guardians! Campers will engage in activities focused on promoting eco-friendly practices and nature conservation. From learning about recycling and reducing waste to exploring the beauty of the natural world, this camp instills the Jewish value of "Tikkun Olam," the idea of repairing and improving the world. Through hands-on experiences and environmental education, children will discover how they can make a positive impact on the planet while honoring their Jewish heritage.

Myths and Legends (June 24th-28th, $325, 5-days): Embark on a magical journey through the captivating realm of Myths and Legends! From ancient tales to folklore spanning diverse cultures, children will be transported into a world of wonder, creativity, and storytelling. This camp celebrates the Jewish value of "L'dor V'dor," passing down traditions and stories from generation to generation. Through engaging with myths and legends, campers connect with their cultural heritage and learn the significance of preserving and sharing stories throughout time.

Inventor's Workshop (July 1st-3rd, $195, 3-days): Unleash the spirit of innovation at our Inventor's Workshop! This week ignites creativity and curiosity through exhilarating science experiments and hands-on inventions. Embodying the Jewish value of "Chochmah," or wisdom, campers are encouraged to explore and experiment, fostering a deep appreciation for learning and discovery. Through trial and error, budding scientists and engineers develop problem-solving skills and a lifelong passion for exploration and innovation.

Outdoor Explorer (July 8th-12th, $325, 5-days): Calling all Teva (nature) enthusiasts! Join us for Outdoor Explorer camp, where your child will embrace the great outdoors through nature hikes, camping activities, and exploration. From learning about local flora and fauna to outdoor living skills, this week promises a connection with the beauty of the natural world.

Culinary Creations (July 15th-19th, $325, 5-days):  Stir up culinary delight at Culinary Creations camp! Young chefs will explore the art of cooking and baking, discovering the joy of creating delicious dishes from scratch. This camp exemplifies the Jewish value of "Hachnasat Orchim," welcoming guests and sharing hospitality through food. Through culinary adventures, campers learn not only cooking skills but also the importance of sharing meals and fostering community bonds through food and fellowship. rom delicious recipes like rugelach, challah, kugel, and more! This week is a feast for the senses and a perfect opportunity for your child to discover the joy of creating in the kitchen.

Garden Growers  (July 22nd-26th, $325, 5-days): Join us for a week of green-thumb adventures at Garden Growers camp! Campers will roll up their sleeves and dig into the world of gardening, cultivating a love for nature and plant-based activities. Through hands-on gardening projects and exploration of the natural world, children will connect with the Jewish value of "Bal Tashchit," which teaches us to avoid unnecessary waste and to cherish and protect the Earth's resources. Get ready to plant seeds of environmental stewardship and watch them bloom into a beautiful garden of understanding and appreciation for nature.

TBS After School


TBS After School provides a safe place for children to come as they are, grow in their compassion, and invest in their Jewish identity. At our synagogue campus we enjoy a spacious outdoor area, classrooms, and a full library. All are welcome!

TBS After School

Discover an enriching after-school experience for your child at our Jewish Heritage After School program. Operating Monday to Friday from school release until 6:00pm, we offer both full-time and part-time enrollment options, catering to students aged 4 and 9 months to 7th grade.

Nestled within reach of Roosevelt, Washington, and McKinley Elementary Schools, our program offers transportation services for a smooth transition to our doors. While we welcome students from any school, transportation is specifically available for these three locations. Additionally, Bancroft Middle School is conveniently within walking distance from our facility. Once here, your child will flourish in a supportive setting that seamlessly blends a comprehensive after-school curriculum with enriching Jewish education.

Our program offers a unique blend of academic support and cultural enrichment, fostering growth in reading, homework completion, creative arts, critical thinking games, and physical activity. Our dedicated instructors instill strength of character, confidence, empathy, and engagement, rooted in Jewish values.

With specialty instruction in Hebrew, Jewish culture, Jewish history, and Torah, we seamlessly integrate our after-school program with the B. Mitzvah journey for those on the path to this milestone.

Choose our program for a summer camp-like atmosphere, where your child will receive holistic development and a strong foundation in Jewish heritage. Join us in nurturing your child's academic, social, and spiritual growth.

You will find more information about pricing, policies, and schedule on the APPLICATION form (link below). 

24/25 After School Forms

2023-24 After School Calendar coming soon. We generate calendar after release of SLUSD calendar.

2024-25 After School Application

Parent Handbook


If you are interested in this program or have additional questions, please contact the Youth Education Director, Sarah Gully, at

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